Sons of Nev’s Early Summer Vacation

Yeah… it’s been a little while since we’ve done any writing here. Both JTBI and I have been way busy with work lately, with on-location remotes on a near-daily basis for myself and JTBI getting ready to take a new job and move back to the Buckeye state (lucky).

Hence, the lack of posts. Just call it an early summer vacation.

Soon we’ll be back up to full capacity, especially once JTBI has internet in his apartment (unlike his apt. in Michigan, which was 100% internet-free) and once the 4th of July weekend is over for me.

As a quick sports thought, how frustrating was it to watch the Celtics win last night, knowing that if Boston had played against the Cavaliers the way that they played against the Lakers that the Cavs would’ve beaten them in 5? I must say I was very disappointed in the Lakers, who apparently thought all they had to do was show up to win the NBA title.

I am especially disappointed in Phil Jackson, who officially became the first head coach in NBA playoff history to be outcoached by Doc Rivers. DOC RIVERS! I wouldn’t trust that guy to coach a rec league team, and he’s outfoxing the Guru?

I’ll be watching I-64 for the Four Horsemen for the rest of the week, if you don’t mind.