The SoN Also Rises

Well, friends, it certainly has been awhile… and after months of discussions, negotiations, brow beatings and the occasional street fight, Table and I have finally decided that now is the time and here is the place to revive your old friend on the Cleveland sports blogging scene, the Sons of Nev.

We realize our previous disappearance was slightly shameful but, as previously stated, when you’re living the dream–as we both are–and it comes down to your (freaking sweet) real job and writing a blog that pays you bubkes… well, I think everyone can agree what an easy decision it was for the both of us to let our side project collect dust for, what, a year?

That stops now, as we both plan on cranking up the writing machine–starting tonight–and giving you, on average, two articles a day. Obviously that’s not a hard-and-fast promise, but we want to give it to you, the long-suffering Cleveland sports fans as we write about the Cavs, the Browns and… oh, hell, I’m sure there’s another professional team on America’s North Coast. What was their name again? The Indians? No, that can’t be right, that seems more like a AAA franchise right now. I’ll try and remember later tonight.

Nevertheless, welcome back, old friends. We’ve missed you, even though you probably don’t remember us too much anymore. We’ll be in touch real soon-like.


Bill Simmons Analogies: Boston Fans

Look, everybody knows that one of the godfathers of sports blogging, whether he wants to admit it or not, is ESPN’s Bill Simmons. One of the most amusing parts of Simmons’ columns is how he often finds the “real life equivalent” to various sports and pop culture phenomena, and if I tried to pass off this column as anything but a direct import of that concept, it would be idea plagiarism. So let’s just call it an homage. Thanks, Bill.

While I was watching game five on Wednesday night, I randomly blurted out, “God, I hate the F-ing Celtics.” My roommate asked me why I hated the Celtics so much, knowing full well that not five years ago I (being a good descendant of the Emerald Isle) owned a piece or two of Celtics gear (sweatband and baseball cap). He also knew that I had twice made the C’s my franchise on NBA video games (NBA 2k2 and NBA Live ’03; the Cavs’ jerseys were just too ugly back at that time to consider using them). What, he was curious, could make my opinion swing so violently against a team I had once considered to be one of the two NBA teams I liked outside of Cleveland)?

It took me maybe a second–but likely closer to .0000001 seconds–to answer: Boston fans.

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Game One. Just One Game

Well, what we thought would happen, did. Skip Bayless got on his high horse and threw LeBron right under the bus this morning on Cold Take (or is it First Pizza?). For the first time, LeBron deserved it– it is hard for anyone to use words of praise after a 2-18 shoting performance. That was not LeBron James, and if he doesn’t show up for the remainder of the series, you can count on the fact that game one will be as close as the Cavs get. We all know this. So everyone on television that is screaming about how LeBron played? Let’s move on. I would love to take a look at some of the positives from last night. Continue reading

Welcome to the Sons of Nev!

Nev Chandler

Hello and welcome to the newest Cleveland sports blog on the interwebs! We are the Sons of Nev, and we hope you enjoy our musings on the world of Cleveland sports. We will occasionally digress to the outside world of sports (I know JTBI is just dying to write about Sam Cassell), but our focus will primarily be the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers. And, as cynical MSM (mainstream media) members who have both worked in the seedy underbelly of Cleveland’s fringe media, expect us to occasionally take pokes at the North Coast media that we take notice of from our lofty, bloggy perches.

For a little more information on us, please click the “About” tab above the Warholian tribute to our patron saint.

Finally, If you are a Cleveland sports fan and don’t understand the title of this blog, please leave and never come back.