A Quick Congrats

I know, I know… we haven’t written here in months. It’s sad, I agree, but when you go from a job where you work 2 hours a day to one where you actually work all day plus weekends, sacrifices sometimes need be made. That said, Table and I continually discuss ways that we can get the ol’ blogging machine cranked back up again. Maybe last night’s Browns win over the Giants will spur a resurgence, but I would be more inclined to wager on the start of the Cavs’ season, since they remain the most fun Cleveland team to write about.

What I’m here to write about, however, is to say congratulations to our friends at Waiting For Next Year for being named the best Cleveland sports blog by Scene Magazine. I’d love to say that we’re going to challenge them in 2009… but I’m lazy and do enough writing at work as it is. I’s just likes to writes when I’s can. Which (obviously) is not a lot these days.

So, anyway, congrats to Rick, Scott, King, Mike and DP for the honors! As for us, we’ll try and be back soon…