Follow-up: Team Pavlik Denies Staph

Well… this is an interesting twist to what we discussed yesterday: this morning the Youngstown Vindicator reported that co-manager Mike Pavlik, Sr., has denied the Friday report of a staph infection in Kelly’s hand, going so far as to say the Ghost has maintained a clean bill of health.

That could certainly put a spin on yesterday’s discussion. IF dear old dad’s comments are accurate, it makes you wonder why Top Rank really delayed the June 27th bout against Mora. We’ll be keeping an eye on this.


Fight Delay is the Right Move

As you may have heard by now, Kelly Pavlik’s impending title bout against Sergio Mora in Atlantic City has been postponed for… some reason or another. According to’s Dan Rafael, it’s a staph infection; according to Team Pavlik it’s… something.

Whatever the actual reason may be, if Pavlik is ailing–whether the opponent is a preferred matchup like Arthur Abraham (rumored to be the next matchup for the Ghost after Mora) or a scheduled opponent like Mora (or Rubio before him)–it is absolutely the right call to delay the fight.

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