“…and Judging By the Attendance, You Haven’t!”

With the MAC Tournament descending upon Cleveland this week, I thought I’d pass along this gem to the North Coast faithful.

You see… Miami University, the defending men’s basketball champion in the Mid-American Conference, generally has its spring break the week of the MAC Tourney. This spring break placement, naturally, leads to less-than-inspiring student sections for the Redhawks. In the 2005 semifinals MU had a nearly vacant student section, while in ’07 when they hoisted the trophy they did so in front of a crowd composed almost exclusively of parents, administrators and Akron fans.

Well… to combat their languishing road attendance, the Miami athletic department came up with a doozy of a slogan for this year’s tournament:

Miami Tourney SloganPresumably the second half of that slogan was “Because over the past three years, you haven’t been!”