Top 5: Current Cleveland Public Enemies

SoN will be beginning a running column of Cleveland Top Fives. The first post will be covering the current people in the sports world that, for one reason or another, have caught the ire of the Cleveland fans. This post, as well as all other top 5 posts, will be debated, compiled, and written by both The Seaward and Joe Table Blew It.

Ground rules: The members of this list must have committed a recent infraction on the Cleveland sports world, which is why you will not see good ol’ Art Modell. He may appear in a subsequent Top 5, (at the top I might add) but not in this one. Also, it was decided that no current member of a Cleveland sports team would be considered (you can breathe a bit easier, Pronk). That being said, in reverse order, your Top 5 Current Cleveland Public Enemies. Continue reading