Sowers Heading Down I-71

Ugh. Thanks to, we’ve learned that our constant mind-games with Jeremy Sowers will continue. I feel bad for the young man, because he was set up to fail. He’s now heading to Columbus, and we’re bringing someone that has been bouncing around the majors for the past ten years. Not that other players haven’t had success doing what Luis Vizcaino has done, but the Indians should be cautious in the way they are treating some of their young arms. On one hand, we have Adam Miller. Miller has had so many injuries that one of my friends is convinced he doesn’t really exist. I’m not saying that Miller doesn’t deserved to be coddled because of his seemingly endless string of injuries, but on the other side of the coin are guys like Sowers and Aaron Laffey.

These two guys have done EVERYTHING we have asked of them. Laffey will probably now come BACK to the starting rotation to make room for the new carpetbagger in the bullpen. Not to go all JT Walsh’s character in Blue Chips on you here, but we owe both Sowers and Laffey some consistency. Sure, you can say it’s their lack of consistency that makes the situation so unstable. Now we are in a classic chicken-or-the-egg situation. One that the Indians should want to desperately avoid.

Last I checked, we aren’t really contending at the moment. We need to figure out what we have in Jeremy Sowers and Aaron Laffey. We need to define roles for them, and then see if they can succeed or fail… once and for all. For all of Cliff Lee’s issues a few season ago, he was never a reliever. I’m sure that even in his greatest moment of self-doubt, he said to himself, “The Cleveland Indians are counting on me to be a starter, I need to get my act together for this club, or to show someone else what I’m capable of doing as a starter.”

What is Sowers saying to himself right now on his way to Columbus? I don’t think anyone really has any idea. Both of these guys have enough of a body of work that if the Indians didnt like them, they would be gone by now (see: Tallet, Brian and Guthrie, Jeremy). It boggles my mind that the Indians organization has a soft spot for two guys, yet constantly change their roles, stunting their growth. Find a spot for them, and leave them alone. Then evaluate. It’s all I ask.


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