Who Told Josh Cribbs to Put the Balm On?

The Maestro?!

The Maestro?!

When I was a kid, from time to time, I would ask my mother for a cookie. If her initial response was no, I would whine, and tell her why I deserved a cookie. If that didn’t work, I would seek out another adult to give me the cookie I felt I so richly deserved. Never at any point would I draft a letter saying, “cookie distribution is one-sided in favor of the adults.”

Today, Josh Cribbs drafted a letter (!) to supposedly inform fans that he REALLY REALLY REALLY wants a new contract. Cribbs is getting some pretty terrible advice. Continue reading



This is what a wake-up call looks like. All of the Cavs submitted a, “What I did on my 8 day vacation” essay and failed. From top to bottom. LeBron passing up shots in the final minutes, the other starters having absolutely no confidence in their abilities at either end of the floor. And our bench. Oh my sweet goodness our bench. Continue reading

Sowers Heading Down I-71

Ugh. Thanks to Cleveland.com, we’ve learned that our constant mind-games with Jeremy Sowers will continue. I feel bad for the young man, because he was set up to fail. He’s now heading to Columbus, and we’re bringing someone that has been bouncing around the majors for the past ten years. Continue reading

You Should Love Dave Steckel

Just letting all of you Ohio sports fans that Washington Capitals Center Dave Steckel is someone you should be loving right now. He’s got everything you could ever want in an athlete: he attended The Ohio State University, and he is giving the city of Pittsburgh fits. I think we can all agree any misery brought that that horrific city is something we can all get behind.

Steckel scored the game winner in overtime last night, and also was the only player other than Sydney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin to score in game 2 of the series, where the Caps won by a goal. Thatta way, Steckel! Could we trouble you for an O-H! after your game winner in Game 7?

Hey Peter, You’re Welcome

Glad We Could Help

Glad We Could Help

Anyone catch the latest edition of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback? Didn’t think so. I saw this on Profootballtalk.com like the rest of you did.

Ok, let’s talk about it. Obviously PK did this for some sort of effect. I’m just spit balling here, but if King puts the Lions last, the majority of people reading will look at the column and say, “oh wow, Peter King has the last three teams to win Super Bowls in his top 3, and the Lions as the worst team. Now I remember why I stopped reading him a few years ago.”

Continue reading

Monday Morning: Did You See That?

We all saw it last night, Glen Davis hit a shot that if he could have pulled off in college, LSU would have been back to back champs instead of Florida. Everyone loved the way the Celtics and Big Baby celebrated. Hard to believe this team won a championship EVER,  let alone THE LAST ONE after the way they reacted to a game four Eastern Conference Semifinal victory. But, did we see everything? Yes, we all saw Davis shove the kid… but look a little closer, around the 1:15 mark. Continue reading

Open Letter to Atlanta: Curb Your Stupidity

Mike. Michael. Mikeeeey. Listen.

Mike. Michael. Mikeeeey. Listen.

 Dear Mike Woodson,

Well, here we are. You are in round two of the NBA Playoffs, after your first winning season in God Knows How Long. You put Dwayne Wade and his Heat away in round one. Your fans seem to have a pulse, even if it’s one that is incredibly misinformed on how to handle opposing star players in their prime in the playoffs. Mike, nobody ever thought you would make it this long in Atlanta, not even you. It is time, for the sake of your franchise, to just give up in Game 4 Monday. It makes a lot of sense. Continue reading