Cleveland Hero: Dirk Nowitzki



Dirk, you and Cleveland rarely cross paths. Twice a year we see you, and I’m sure the way things work, you have done wrong by us in one way or another at some point. But today on the Lake known as Erie, you are our hero. Thanks for extending your series with the Nuggets. We like being the only team waiting.I cannot emphasize how great it feels as a Cavs fan to know that no matter what happens in the next week of basketball, Cleveland is safe. No other team left can say that. Denver will have to put up with the second guessing internally and externally after the two point loss to the Mavs. Everyone else left is deadlocked in series that show no signs of stopping anytime soon. What are the Cavs doing?

Well, I would like to think they are still practicing, they are still challenging each other in suicide drills at the end of practice. But, for all I know, they could be waking up at 2 in the afternoon after a long night of making it rain. I don’t THINK that’s what they are doing, but after two consecutive sweeps, nobody is in a position to question the Cavaliers’ dedication.

Is anyone else not exactly used to this?

The most telling sign that this team is dialed in? Nope, not the close to 56% shooting from three point range. It’s Anderson Varejao’s 7 offensive rebounds. It’s the idea that on each position, we WILL score. Down the stretch LeBron was going right to the hole, and missed a few shots that he normally hits to win games. A few years ago, he needed to hit those shots for us to win. LeBron was going to the hole, and everyone else was watching. That just isn’t the case anymore. Andy is crashing the offensive glass, Delonte and Mo are taking turns being that second high scorer, and Z chips in a double-double.

Critics talk about the Cavs’ sideline antics and LeBron’s “percieved” pass-first mentailty as if Cleveland has hired the greatest publicist to walk the earth. Those critics are only interested in being critical. King James dropped 47 on the Hawks in game three, not just because he wanted to, but because his teammates wanted him to as well. They knew what the constant boos did to him, they knew he wanted to get after it, and they were there to help. It has left us 8 wins shy of that championship.

And I’ll add this: if Cleveland doesn’t win the NBA title, the series in which they lose WILL. BE. EPIC.

But for now, we will wait. And we will be the only ones who wait for now. Thank you, Dirk.


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