Monday Morning: Did You See That?

We all saw it last night, Glen Davis hit a shot that if he could have pulled off in college, LSU would have been back to back champs instead of Florida. Everyone loved the way the Celtics and Big Baby celebrated. Hard to believe this team won a championship EVER,  let alone THE LAST ONE after the way they reacted to a game four Eastern Conference Semifinal victory. But, did we see everything? Yes, we all saw Davis shove the kid… but look a little closer, around the 1:15 mark.

Yes. We are watching. That Cavs fan in the LeBron jersey is celebrating not becuase the shot was so epic, but because now that series will go at least 6 games!

If you haven’t seen it, here’s Nike’s new commercial featuring LeBron and Kobe… /Henson’d. Not exactly sure if this commercial is making fun of the King, or displaying the exuberance Kobe once had for the game. You decide:


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