Hey Peter, You’re Welcome

Glad We Could Help

Glad We Could Help

Anyone catch the latest edition of Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback? Didn’t think so. I saw this on Profootballtalk.com like the rest of you did.

Ok, let’s talk about it. Obviously PK did this for some sort of effect. I’m just spit balling here, but if King puts the Lions last, the majority of people reading will look at the column and say, “oh wow, Peter King has the last three teams to win Super Bowls in his top 3, and the Lions as the worst team. Now I remember why I stopped reading him a few years ago.”

I understand that the Browns are bad, but King really is just picking on us. There’s no way– NO WAY– taking everything into consideration that you can say that the Lions are a better team than the Browns at his point. King points to holes in our lineup? The LIONS don’t have holes? The problem is that the Lions have a brand new quarterback and young talent at the skill positions, so it’s kind of like a good looking girl who you would never want to see without make-up plastered all over her face.

The Browns had a solid offensive line going into the offseason, at which point we signed John St. Clair and Floyd Womack, then went and drafted Alex Mack. We have options on the offensive line. The Lions do not. I think Calvin Johnson is a talented kid, but if there was a Madden fantasy draft where all players were up for grabs, Joe Thomas would be taken off the board ROUNDS before Calvin Johnson.

The other sticking point for King is that our division is too tough. Yeah, based on last year it is, but are you saying the Lions could do better in our division than we could? Do you think the Browns would mind playing 6 games against the NFC North every year?

Yeah, I went there

That’s like saying that Aston Kutcher is a better actor than Robert Duvall based solely on the idea that it was hard for Duvall to carve out a place for himself in The Godfather. Duvall was overshadowed by much better actors in a fantastic film, Kutcher has consistently turned in atrocious performances in atrocious movies! Would Kutcher have done a better job as Tom Hagen? The answer is absolutely not.

Yes, I went there. But it makes sense. The Lions have been God-awful in a pretty terrible division… FOREVER.

But I get it. Even a guy like Peter King has to make an effort to stay relevant in the current sports media landscape. A way to do that is to go off the script from time to time.  Can the Lions finish with a better record than the Browns this year? Sure they could. But King does not get a free pass, at least from me, for saying that now.

Also, as I’m sure you all remember, Peter King last year had us in the top 10 at this point.


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  1. Sorry sirs, but the Browns do not equal David Duvall. Even when he’s old and bald, with a serious mustache.

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