Open Letter to Atlanta: Curb Your Stupidity

Mike. Michael. Mikeeeey. Listen.

Mike. Michael. Mikeeeey. Listen.

 Dear Mike Woodson,

Well, here we are. You are in round two of the NBA Playoffs, after your first winning season in God Knows How Long. You put Dwayne Wade and his Heat away in round one. Your fans seem to have a pulse, even if it’s one that is incredibly misinformed on how to handle opposing star players in their prime in the playoffs. Mike, nobody ever thought you would make it this long in Atlanta, not even you. It is time, for the sake of your franchise, to just give up in Game 4 Monday. It makes a lot of sense.

I’m not exactly sure who told you that losing in the second round to the most dominant team (to this point) in the NBA playoffs was some sort of disgraceful way to end your season, but it isn’t. Trust us, it happened to us last year, and we’re doing just fine now.

You have NO CHANCE of winning this series, I’m pretty sure you’re aware of that. You thought maybe in game three that you could sneak one by LeBron and make this a series again, and you didn’t. You have nothing to gain from a win tomorrow night, and everything to lose. Consider this: three of your best players, by your own’s coach admission, would not be playing right now if you guys weren’t in the playoffs. Al Horford, Joe Johnson, and Marvin Williams are the foundation for your future, one that is looking brighter. If you play your cards right.

There aren’t too many teams in the NBA that can say with a pretty high degree of certainty that they had home court advantage in the first round of the NBA Playoffs in the 2008-09 season, and undeniably have a chance to better their seeding next season. In fact, I’m pretty sure you’re the only team in this years playoffs that can say that. The status of Kevin Garnett is completely unknown, and even if he is back with the Celtics, Boston is a team that seems to be on a decline. This could mean a 3 seed for you next year, possibly even a 2 seed if Stan Van Gundy is as bad as Shaq says he is.

Here’s you worst case scenario: all of the hurt guys play, they all get carted off, you guys begin a slow decline. Back to the depths where you came from before your team can realize it’s full potential. Oh, and you guys lose game four anyway.

Middle case scenario: YOU GUYS WIN GAME 4! Horford makes his injury worse, and now the second best low-post player in the East is never the same. Oh, and you lose game 5 by 30.

Best Case Scenario: You guys lose game 4, all your big guns sit. Your players are happy at the end of the year because they do not have to cancel their tickets for a flight that leaves for Cancun on Tuesday.  Trust me, it makes sense.

Besides, wouldn’t you rather lose to us in the Eastern Conference Finals next year?




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