More Corner Help?

The Browns most likely are not done at the cornerback position. After the signing of Terry Cousins, most Clevelanders thought that we would get another Terry Cousins-like name to bolster our numbers. Turns out that could be very true, because it seems as if Mr. Savage has eyes for Denver’s Domonique Foxworth:

Foxworth could be more available than most starting-quality corners because he is not a penciled-in starter in Denver. Foxworth has played extensively at both cornerback and safety in his three NFL seasons.

Because he is a nickel cornerback and is entering the final year of his contract, the Broncos’ asking price might be reasonable to the Browns.

I’m not so sure this is the answer for the Browns at corner, but if we are getting into bargains, this could be the next move. According to his page at, Foxworth hasn’t played corner since 2005, but he is young enough that he could be an impact player for years to come. Plus, he’s British. That’s gotta be worth something, if for no other reason than it would freank Santonio Holmes out.



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  1. where have you gone SoNs?

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