Indians Pep Talk

That’s it.

Cavs are done, Browns are on the horizon, and I for one am not going to sit here and watch the Indians languish in the American League Central. I just will not stand for it. They are the ones who need to carry us into the fall, and they are letting us down. Sure, the bats can be blamed more than the arms, but this is a team, darnit.

Somebody needs to give this team a kick in the butt, and that person will not be me. I cannot be as eloquent or forceful as I feel I need to be to get the point across that an entire Tribe nation is counting on them. So, after the jump, I will present some motivational clips that I hope will inspire the Cleveland Indians to turn this ship around. Some of the clips are NSFW, unless you have headphones.

In no particular order, a collection of clips that are sure to motivate our Wahoo Warriors:

1. Lloyd talks Ari Gold out of dispair.

This is a perfect clip because Entourage super agent Ari Gold has just been given his walking papers, and doesn’t seem to think that anything can be done to salvage his career. Enter Lloyd, his assistant, who is there to tell him that he does have the ability to make everything just fine, possibly even better than before. Travis Hafner might want to watch this one twice.

 2. Norman Dale addresses Hickory High

Starts off by going over assignments, which is maybe what Eric Wedge needs to do. Could be that the Indians hitters aren’t hitting because they aren’t being told to hit. But, I’m sure that the players could go around the locker room and could all say someone for whom they want to win a World Series. Then maybe David (Dellucci) could strike a Philistine (Curt Schilling) with a stone or something.

3. William Wallace before battling the English

Call me crazy, but I think with the right hue of blue paint and a kilt, Lenny Barker could pull this off.

4. And finally, Gny. Sgt. Hartman instilling fear in his new troops

If all else fails, shake their very souls to the bone. Break them down to build them up. Until you win a World Series, you are PUKE! I’m pretty sure Jim Leyland has had this talk with the Tigers at least 3 times so far this season. Miguel Cabrera is obviously Private Pyle in this scenario. DEFINITELY NSFW!

 Know of any I forgot? Leave ’em in the comments.


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