At Wit’s End

Cleveland 2, Chicago 7. Box score.

The Indians scored two runs and thought they could just take the rest of the night off. After Travis Hafner’s double in the sixth inning, Cleveland tallied four more hits. None for extra bases, although three did leave the infield.

If I were Eric Wedge, I would feel like Dunder Mifflin’s Jan Levinson felt when dealing with her Scranton Branch Manager Michael Scott. Wedge has tried the sticks, he has tried the carrots. Nothing seems to work. What is the solution? Is there one? We are squandering some of the best pitching in the game right now because we cannot get the bats off of our shoulders.

Paul Byrd is the type of guy that gets fed up when he doesn’t get a decent amount of run support. If you don’t believe me, jump in your DeLorean, head back to 2006, you’ll know what I’m talking about. He feeds off of a good offense, and flounders when he doesn’t get the help. Tonight, he didn’t get the help. So, even though he did give up five, I’m giving him a free pass.

Oh, and if Jim Thome would have played his entire career in the American League outside of Cleveland, he would have surpassed Bonds and Aaron because of all the games he would have played against the Indians. I don’t know if he googled it, found it in Lexus Nexus, or just remembers it from his time here, but he has our number. He’s also probably not going to give it back.

We are one bad Victor game away from Ben Francisco being the only person in our lineup batting over .300. Travis Hafner is in the lineup, then he’s out, Jhonny Peralta is in then he’s out, Blake is batting anywhere from 2nd to 8th, nothing seems to work. What I do know is that if we would have had this pitching with our lineup from 1995-1998, we would have won four straight World Serieseses. Goodness gracious.

Tomorrow is the final game in the series, Aaron Laffey (2-2, 1.35) throws against Mark Buehrle (2-5, 5.25).



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