Albert Belle and the Golf Club

No, this title does not mean that someone is now in the Cleveland Clinic. What it does mean is that former Tribe slugger Albert Belle failed yesterday in his bid to quailfy for the 2008 US Open. What a shame. Here’s the quote that I found most interesting, from his caddie Jeff Helmick, a Clevelander:

“It was 110 degrees, the hottest day of the year,” said Helmick. “Albert and I must have drank 15 to 18 bottles [of water] each. Albert did all right, but he had some problems putting.”

Albert had trouble putting. You’re telling me that Joey had problems with his nerves? Get out of town. He shot an 80, putting him a good 16 shots out of the money, or in this case, out of the next qualifying round. I personally would have loved to see Belle in the field. Can you imgine him and Tiger in the same group? If a photographer following that group arrived in the clubhouse with no facial scars and his camera in one piece, the USGA should cut him a certified check of one million dollars.

Better luck next year, Albert. What you should do is make Jason Grimsley your caddie next year and cork your irons.


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