Irresponsible Cavs Dreaming

Currently, I am a man of moderate income. Out on my own for the first time, not at the point where I’m trying to make ends meet, but between flying home to my beloved Northeast Ohio and all of the alcohol I drink, there isn’t much room for disposable cash. So, when I hear that one of my favorite teams may be relieved of some of their financial burden a little earlier than expected, I begin my life as the vicarious spender.

After reading this on WFNY today, I quickly became exuberant. It also didn’t take me very long to figure out what to do with the cash, thanks to reports out of the Racine Journal Times:

In the last week, several officials from both the Eastern and Western Conferences acknowledged the Bucks have been gauging the interest other teams may have in some of their players. The most notable one is All-Star shooting guard Michael Redd.

Pleeeeeease Danny? Can we?! CAN WE?!

How often do you get second chances in the NBA? Never, especially when it comes to acquring a player. Case in point, the Chicago Bulls and Kobe Bryant. The Bulls reportedly had a shot, neither side could pull the trigger, and now it’s safe to say that Chicago will ever have the opportunity to bring Kobe in again. Back when the Cavs brought in Larry Hughes, that summer he was one of three possible big ticket options the Cavs were considering, along with Redd and Ray Allen. Since the Cavs didn’t bring in Redd, many thought that ever getting a crack at him again would be a long shot.

Now, the Cavs have a second chance. Is it a good chance? I don’t know, it depends on what the Bucks are trying to do. If they are trying to find someone to replace Redd’s numbers at a discounted rate, Cleveland (and the rest of the NBA, for that matter) are probably out. If they are looking to dump his salary in an effort to start anew with some of thier younger players, the Cavs can accomodate that.

Firing up the ol’ NBA Trade Machine, here’s what I think would work best for both:

Michael Redd for Wally Szczerbiak, Damon Jones, and cash. This is close to $16 million dollars in expiring contracts for the Bucks. If they want to move Redd, they get two guys back that can still play on occasion, plus their contracts are off the books at the end of the year. Let’s face it, Redd was getting sick of doing anything other than shooting in Milwaukee, that’s why he wants to leave. You could put Wally in the starting lineup and he could essentially do the same thing Redd is doing.

Among other ripples this would cause in the Cavs roster, this would almost force us to decide between Daniel Gibson and Delonte West. Let’s say it’s Gibson that goes, because who knows how much money he is going to want. Here’s what the starting lineup looks like:

PG: Delonte West

SG: Michael Redd (!)

SF: LeBron James

PF: Ben Wallace

C: Zydrunas Ilgauskas

Bench: PF Joe Smith, PF Anderson Varejao, G Sasha Pavlovic

We could win with those eight. Not to mention we are picking 19th, and as long as we DON’T PICK KOSTA KOUFOS that player could have an impact as well. It’s wishful thinking, but hey, isn’t that what we’re all about?


3 Responses

  1. What do you do about the post after this season? Andy will likely be gone, Z will be about 54 years old, and Wallace will be looking for a new deal. And I think Joe Smith actually babysat Ilgauskas…

  2. That is a good question. I think the next set of moves the Cavs make will be soley focused on keeping LeBron happy, as they should be. As far as what to do about the post, I don’t think Danny Ferry can afford to think that far in advance. It needs to be addressed, but if that is the next thing the Cavs do, it could mean that we have a disheartened superstar on our hands. I was going to include Andy in the trade, but I’m pretty sure he has player approval on all trades because of the way he was signed this iseason.

  3. I absolutely despise the fact that Varejao held out, did nothing and we STILL seem to cater to his demands… whether legally bound or not.

    I know what you mean. That’s the issue with this team. So many holes, and so little time – and even less money.

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