Good news: Rogers is happy

In the wake of the whole Daven Holly fiasco today, Browns fans can take solace that Shaun Rogers, a player we obtained for Leigh Bodden (who we could kinda use right now) is a happy panda. That is just fantastic, because the knock on this guy in Detroit was that he is capable of playing at a Pro Bowl level when he wants to, it’s just that nobody knows when that is. I hate to borrow from Elle Woods here, but endorphins make you happy, and happy players just play at a Pro Bowl level all the time!

This is good news today, this is very good news. Maybe if we have a more than capable defensive front seven, it won’t matter that my high school football team had more depth at the corner position than the Browns currently have.

A further examination of the article tells us that Rogers is still having some time adjusting to the 3-4 scheme, which is understandable. The fact that he is willing to learn while maintaining a positive attitude is promising. Let’s not kid ourselves, Browns fans. Through no fault of his own today, Rogers was saddled with more pressure to perform this season. Parting with a guy like Bodden was tolerable when it happened, but you can’t help but wonder if knowing what Phil Savage knows now if he still would have made the trade to bring in Mr. Rogers.

The only thing that bothers me about Rogers coming in? In Detroit, the Lions could win three Super Bowls in a row and the fans still wouldn’t care more about them than the Pistons, Tigers, or Red Wings. That being said, Rogers had still managed to catch a whole lot of flack for his on-again off-again play, even though people in Detroit care as much about their football team as they do for the new line of Toyota SUVs.

Rogers will find that Cleveland is a much diffrent city. One can only hope for the best in this situation, and so far, it seems so good with Rogers. But, in light of today’s events, his performance will have to be Pro-Bowl worthy, or else we will miss Bodden. That’s just the way Cleveland works. It isn’t our fault.


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