Doing the King’s work

The Cavs season is over, and once again all of the sports media will be talking about how the Cavs need to get LeBron some help or he will be gone. As Cleveland fans, it is our responsibility, through whatever means we have at our disposal, to do our part in making sure that this day that many claim to be inevitable never sees the light of day. So, after stumbling upon a little gem of a website thanks to, I’m doing my best to make sure others are versed in its existence.

For those of you not aware of which I speak, there are rumors–dirty, filthy rumors– that LeBron James will bolt Cleveland when his current contract is up in 2010. A vast majority of these rumors have LeBron landing with the New York Knicks, or the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets. is determined not to let that happen. I’m sure there are other sites like this one, and it is important that we all attempt to make them as mainstream as possible, because LeBron James leaving Cleveland would be tragic.

This website’s sole purpose is to raise enough money to pay for a billboard, presumably somewhere in downtown Cleveland sometime in 2010. While this will not make all the difference, it is a proactive move that will allow the Cleveland Cavaliers organization to see how much their fans are already thinking about the prospect of losing LeBron a good two years before it could happen.

So, do your best to spread the word of this website and others like it. And remember, if we all still want to be Witnesses after 2010, we must start being proactive through any means necessary.


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