CC not waiting until offseason

Many of us are aware of the 800 pound elephant in the room when it comes to CC Sabathia. The Indians will have to decide this offseason whether or not to give last years Cy Young winner a massive contract, which he is just now starting to show he deserves. Tonight though, CC will attempt to cost the front office money well before contract talks begin. In the Indians’ tilt against the White Sox, fans will have the ability to purchase tickets for the June 10th dollar dog night contest against the Minnesota Twins at a discounted rate, based on how many strikeouts Sabathia can tally. Every K for CC means a dollar off select tickets. The smart consumer will set aside the coin they save on the ticket to purchase the aformentioned dollar frankfurters that evening.

I find the whole thing so incredibly interesting. Ten years ago, the Indians never did anything like this. Every game was a sellout, and hot dogs cost whatever they cost, people paid for them, and didn’t compain. Back in the day, the Indians would never run what amounts to a DOUBLE promotion to get fans in the seats.

 I remember the day after Thanksgiving in 1996, I had to wait in the cold outside of the Belden Village Mall to get four tickets to ONE GAME for the next season. You were a GOD that day at school if you were going to the Indians game that night, even more of a God than the kid that brought the Lunchables Pizza pack for lunch. Now, you spend $48 at an Indians store you get two tickets for free! Everytime I see one of these promotions I just get the feeling that the 455 concecutive sellout record is just that much further away.

I wonder if CC is aware of what happens tonight if he strikes out 15 batters? I wonder if Jim Thome will blame his strikeouts tonight on just wanting to give something back to the Cleveland fans? So much intrigue added to the Tribe-White Sox tonight I can’t stand it.


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