Are you happy now?

I don’t know what made me think of this when Idid, but watching the Cavs game yesterday, I was just mad at Carlos Boozer. Congratulations to the Celtics for winning, and it’s nice to see that the Boston fans have long forgotten Paul Pierce’s trade demands. All I have to say to the C’s is that you better start winning games on the road, because Detroit will not be intimidated in the GAH-den.

But, back to my friend, Mr. Boozer. I think it’s interesting the LeBron James and Boozer were eliminated in the same weekend. I also find it interesting that last year, the San Antonio Spurs eliminated both Boozer and the Cavs. Do you think that anyone else is thinking about the fact that with Carlos Boozer, the Cavs win their series against Boston in at least six games? Someone has to be thinking that besides me.

As a Cleveland fan, it is our responsibility to hold grudges. We will never embrace Art Modell, we will never forget Red Right 88. The more and more I watch this Cavs team, there is no way we can ever forgive Carlos Boozer. He has been gone for several years now, but yesterday’s game against the Celtics was just another reason why his loss still haunts this team.

Very late in the fourth quarter, a pass was made to Ben Wallace on the low block. He was five feet away from the hoop, his back to the basket, nobody on him, and he treated the ball as if it were radioactive. He couldn’t pass it off soon enough. That quick bucket could have made all the difference in the world, and Boozer would have had no problem with it. At the very least, Boozer that deep in the paint would have required a Celtic to guard him. But, here we are, then end of another bridesmaid season, with our superstar comparing himself to the LeBron James of the 1980’s; a player with all the talent in the world and zero help.

Out in Utah, another season has come to an end as well, another year in the Jerry Sloan era that doesn’t live up to expectations. I’m sure, if the teams remain the same, Utah will make a few more runs like they did this year in the West, and the Cavs will get back to this point as well in the East. I do however, find it hard to see in the near future the Jazz or the Cavs hoisting the O’Brien trophy.

So, are you happy now Carlos? Do you have all the money you want? Is it fun for you to play with Deron Williams? Do you enjoy the simple Utah life? Because you could have been apart of something much better in Cleveland.


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  1. I’m a Pistons fans…but you are right, right, right, and right. I don’t identify with the last bit of vitriol, but I get it. Ben Wallace is simply worthless since he left Detroit.

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