He’s out with a WHAT?

I’m not trying to make light of spring allergies and an inner ear infection, but you have to be kiddling me Ben Wallace. Can’t you just pop a Claritin and call it a day? This makes me so mad, you have done nothing so far in this series, and now you’re out with springtime allergies? YOU PLAY INDOORS!

Whatever, he’s out, but I am expecting the rest of the Cavaliers to come and play tonight. It starts with LeBron, and it’s going to take the entire team behind him to get a victory. Remember folks, Boston still does not have a road win in these playoffs, and a little home cooking could be just what the Cavs need to get right back into the series.

Unlike the Seaward, I will go down with this ship if thats what it takes. I’m not calling the Seaward any less of a fan than I am, but he can be a real– well– Seaward when it comes to walking with a team down the plank. I just figure the more and more I suffer, the better the feeling will be when we’re finally on top.

Some keys to game three:

Involve LeBron early that feels weird just writing that, but allow him to feed off of the energy in the Q, get him in a groove, and ride him to a victory.

Make Ray Allen/Paul Pierce beat you I’m still no convinced that these guys are ready to play at the supreme playoff level. Bump them around, deny Kevin Garnett the ball, and make these guys play on the road.

Shoot Anderson Varejao in the foot his game two performance made Yoko Ono proud, but that’s about it. His offensive implosion worked at the Garden because the Boston fans wouldn’t let him in on the secert that he sucks offensively. Cleveland fans will let him know every time he touches the ball that he shouldn’t shoot. A little tough love.

As bad as game 2 was, there’s still a chance. It only takes one game to turn a series around, and by golly, tonight could very well be that game. Go Cavs.


One Response

  1. Actually, viral inner ear infections are brutal.

    But I’m with you on Allen and Pierce. I said basically the same thing in my preview….you can beat the C’s when Pierce is on, you can’t when KG is on.

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