Would have enjoyed a win today

Yankees 6, Indians 3. Box score

Meatloaf said it best: two out of three ain’t bad. I would have liked though, just for nostalgic purposes, to win the game this afternoon as opposed to the two the Tribe won yesterday and Tuesday. This was the last time the Indians will play at the old Yankee Stadium, and it would have been nice to close that place down with a win for Cleveland. Any of you who are reading this right now know our long history with the Yanks, and the fact that the Indians in the 70’s and 80’s were considered the Yankees farm team. We can also never forget that George Steinbrenner is a Cleveland boy who wanted to buy the Indians. It just adds to the hatred that we all have for the Evil Empire, and a win today would have put the Tribe on top in their final game at Yankee Stadium. Oh well, more on the Tribe’s 18th loss of the season, after the jump.

The loss today just goes more to my point last night of Cliff Lee’s brilliance. People will look at this Yankees lineup without Jorge Posada and Alex Rodriguez and deem them as a shell of what they could be. I disagree, the lineup that the Yankees have put out all this series against the Indians is capable of erupting at any time, and they did that today with four home runs. Jason Giambi, my goodness. He is a Mark Teahen All-Star, no doubt. He just crushes the Tribe, and did so again today with his sixth home run of the year. Robinson Cano (who continues to do just enough to avoid being in the Yankee doghouse) and Wilson Betemit had back to back shots in the seventh. Cano’s ran Paul Byrd from the game, Betemit’s came off of Masa. You knew the Yankee bats were going to wake up in this series, so even though it is a loss, it is one that will not keep me up at night.

Casey Blake recorded his eighth double and RBI numbers 21 and 22, Ben Francisco had a double as well. Our two through four hitters (Carroll, Dellucci, Peralta) went a combined 0-12 with 5 strikeouts and 4 stranded. That’s just terrible. Also, under no circumstances should Jhonny Peralta bat fourth in our lineup, that just shouldn’t happen.

All in all, you have to be pleased with the series as a Tribe fan. A come from behind win on Tuesday night, a brilliant picthing performance last night, resulting in two wins. The old baseball adage is “win at home, split on the road” and Cleveland was able to do that against New York.

Tomorrow the Indians begin a wraparound series against Toronto at ProJacobessive Field. Two former Cy Young winners matching up in game one as Roy Halladay (3-4, 3.00) will face CC Sabathia (1-5, 7.51).


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