So, what do I tip the driver?

We wrote about it.

WFNY wrote about it.

Others did too. All were skeptical that Papa Johns would have the stugots to do anything about it (you’ll have to forgive me, The Sopranos is on in the background). Well, turns out that not only did they apologize, they are essentially giving away pizzas. So, now I can only assume that all of us that said “who eats the Papa unless their drunk” will now be lining up down and around the corner to get a twenty three cent pie.

My only question is what will constitute “Cleveland” to Papa John’s? This could end up being worse than the initial infraction if people in Lakewood aren’t allowed to cash in on the 23 cent pizzas. This has all the makings of the Tastykake incident of ’04 (pretty weak link, but I’m sure most of you remember what I’m talking about). This immediate about-face from Papa John’s can only be taken as a testament to the tenacity of Cleveland sports fans, and a major company’s interest in keeping us happy. I will eat my 23 cent large pepperoni pizza Papa John, but here’s hoping you don’t have to offer me a reduced rate again.

Too bad they didn’t wait to do this promotion next year, then they could have had DeShawn Stevenson deliver the 23 cent pizzas.


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