Game 5 Live Blog

We tried this on our old blog with last year’s draft, but let’s go ahead and fire up the ol’ live blog.

JTBI and I will be chiming in throughout the night as the Cavaliers try and put away the Weezards here tonight in Game 5.

JTBI is at work and will be adding in comments while he can, I’ll be throwing in my two cents as fast as my typing allows here tonight.

As we get started, I’ll kick things off by saying the Cavs need to close it out here tonight. With Boston getting extended to at least 2 more games, finishing the Wiz here tonight and resting up for the semis will be vital.

And we’re off!

The Seaward, 6:08 pm: Arenas out of the starting lineup… I think this could be a good thing for the Wizards.

The Seaward, 6:10 pm: 2 early turnovers for Wally are not helping. Turnovers sunk these guys in Game 3.

The Seaward, 6:11 pm: Is it too early to start looking for Devin Brown? Eeesh, Wally.

The Seaward, 6:14 pm: I can’t decide if I’d rather have Boston or Atlanta… obviously the Hawks are a better (and easier) matchup, but God would I love to see Lebron cram it up that cheap shot Paul Pierce’s ass. It’s a tough decision.

The Seaward, 6:16 pm: Ben Wallace with the scoop? Holy good sign, Batman!

The Seaward, 6:20 pm: I like Wallace’s foul right there, putting Jamison on his can after driving the lane. Jamison splitting the pair is just gravy.

The Seaward, 6:22 pm: Joe Smith in… nice. He obliterated Jamison in Game 2.

The Seaward, 6:23 pm: Give Wally the hook, Mike Brown… 3 turnovers already. Why is he still in the game and not West?

The Seaward, 6:25 pm: WOW! Songaila punches LeBron in the mouth, literally, and the initial indication is that he is GONE. You stay classy, Washington. Eddie Jordan is a classless pud, if he still has a job tomorrow he is a very lucky SOB. Now they’re saying that Songaila is not ejected. Baffling. The double tech has been called on Varejao and Stevenson, too, which is interesting.

The Seaward, 6:30 pm: Varejao with a long jumper? Another good sign.

The Seaward, 6:31 pm: And he follows it up with the soccer wall with Joe Smith to draw the charge on De-yawn. A good 30 seconds for Andy V.

The Seaward, 6:35 pm: Was that a flop by Anderson? OF COURSE IT WAS. An intelligent one, though, as the refs are trying to lock this game down, foul-wise.

The Seaward, 6:37 pm: End of the 1st, Cavs trail 23-16. That Butler 3 was galling, but just like game 1 with Arenas, if the Wiz are gonna rely on circus threes to win, they’re hosed. They’re still playing out of control and still turning the ball over badly, and they’re still just a piss-poor defensive team. Cavs are just fine right now.

Joe Table Blew It, 6:38 pm: It’s kind of amazing to me how many coaches in the NBA keep their jobs simply because they are in the Eastern Conference, a la Eddie Jordan.

The Seaward, 6:43 pm: Jesus, what a shot by Caron Butler! Just tip your cap on that one. Thankfully the law of averages will soon be catching up with Butler.

Joe Table Blew It, 6:46 pm: The Bill Inv-ville show is back, eh, Marv?

The Seaward, 6:47 pm: Dear sweet merciful god, what on earth was that last fast break? Just putrid, Cavs.

The Seaward, 6:51 pm: Really a solid defensive blueprint, Eddie… leaving LeBron wide open on the perimeter.

The Seaward, 6:53 pm: Airball… teehee.

The Seaward, 6:57 pm: Apparently that last three finally made the novocaine on De-yawn’s face wear off.

The Seaward, 6:59 pm: Nevermind, there it is. Allow me to reiterate here… DESHAWN STEVENSON, YOU ARE A FREAKING SCRUB, SHUT THE HELL UP.

The Seaward, 7:02 pm: I am of the opinion right now that the fact that this is a close game is nothing but good for the Cavs. As far as I’m concerned the Bullets’ only chance to beat the Cavs in this series is a big blowout like Game 3. Add in the fact that it’s a home game and… niiice.

The Seaward, 7:11 pm: Hello, law of averages! Meet our friend, Caron Butler. 2 point game at half bodes well for the good guys. Time to watch some hockey during halftime, go whoever is playing Philly.

The Seaward, 7:31 pm: This is from a year ago, but I just have to share it with you, I just can’t look at Eddie Jordan and not think of this:
Eddie Jordan = Boss Nass

The Seaward, 7:33 pm: Hello, hockey assist! Love that ball movement on the Wally 3.

The Seaward, 7:37 pm: Another Wally turnover… please, Mike Brown, get him out! One three does not justify these HORRID turnovers. And there’s a missed layup to drive home the point.

The Seaward, 7:39 pm: Marv Albert calls this “Wild end-to-end action?” I’ll sub in my own adjective: brutal.

Joe Table Blew It, 7:41 pm: I don’t think Washington would know what to do if they won this series. I mean, they are just incapable of thinking what that would mean.

The Seaward, 7:44 pm: Imagine if Lebron had hit that shot after the Butler foul. The Q would’ve lost a few ceiling tiles in the resulting explosion.

The Seaward, 7:45 pm: The Pacific, Reggie? Really? Hopefully the Angels can get it back together in the AL Pacific, right?

The Seaward, 7:46 pm: My kingdom for a defensive rebound. Augh.

The Seaward, 7:47 pm: COME ON, BOX OUT DEFENSIVELY! THIS IS EMBARASSING, GUYS. I think I just had a flashback to Game 6 of the ’06 East Semis.

The Seaward, 7:48 pm: Stop the presses, a timeout when it’s needed! Tell me that Mike Brown called it and it wasn’t a scheduled TV timeout…

The Seaward, 7:52 pm: YES! Defensive rebound!

The Seaward, 7:52 pm: 4 on Jamison… don’t think that isn’t big.

The Seaward, 7:55 pm: When I say that Antawn Jamison is very fortunate he didn’t called for that foul on Anderson Varejao, what I actually mean is, HOW IN THE NAME OF GOD DO YOU NOT MAKE THAT CALL?

The Seaward, 7:56 pm: 69-65 after 3… still not worried. Washington is not a good second half team, especially on the road. Some boxing out would be delightful.

The Seaward, 8:03 pm: The refereeing so far in the 4th quarter has gone straight into the crapper. I would say that I am incredulous but there is a good reason why the NBA has the worst refs of any North American major professional sport. Stern really needs to clean up the awful refereeing in his league.

The Seaward, 8:05 pm: That should’ve been a 2 by Devin Brown… I’ll take the 3 though.

The Seaward, 8:10 pm: OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! OHHHHH! (Lebron is my freaking hero)

The Seaward, 8:13 pm: Just thought I’d point out… the two guys in the Sonic ads are freaking hilarious. Their mere presence in the movie Stranger Than Fiction made it exponentially better for me.

The Seaward, 8:17 pm: Can we please stop giving Haywood so much credit for his “career year”? His minutes have doubled with no Etan Thomas, OF COURSE his stats are going to go up. Even Reggie Miller noted this, and he thinks the Diamondbacks play in the NL Pacific!

The Seaward, 8:20 pm: TNT, what the hell? This quasi-time lapse effect your technical difficulties are giving your feed are giving me a damn headache.

The Seaward, 8:22 pm: Great. Hack-a-Ben. I’d love to think that Eddie Jordan is a better coach than to try this hogwash… but I can’t. Eddie Jordan is a freaking terrible coach. Shame on you, Boss Nass.

The Seaward, 8:23 pm: Knucklehead foul on Haywood, grabbing Z’s shorts. I don’t know why a knucklehead foul by Haywood surprises anyone.

The Seaward, 8:24 pm: I’m liking the Cavs’ continual drawing of fouls against the Wiz… they do not have the depth to deal with such foul trouble.

The Seaward, 8:32 pm: If you didn’t think Lebron was going right at Haywood on that play, you’re high. Brown even called the screen for Z to set up that matchup. Good work to get Haywood out (and hit both shots! Nice!)

The Seaward, 8:34 pm: Outstanding play by Delonte West right there, they were cheating so far over on Lebron on that fast break, and to turn it into the and 1… freaking beauty. Would Larry Hughes have done that? Unfreakinglikely.

The Seaward, 8:36 pm: My roommate says, “That’s your ace in the hole, Washington, Darius Songaila driving the baseline? You can’t get out of the playoffs fast enough, can you?” Cavs lead by 5, Buck-37 left.

The Seaward, 8:38 pm: Not loving that Lebron 3 attempt… Cavs now by 3, 1:00 left.

The Seaward, 8:40 pm: Joe Smith, nooooooooooooooooooooo! Why, dude? Eeeesh. Antonio Daniels hits both, 1 point game, 43 ticks left.

The Seaward, 8:41 pm: AUGH! THIS IS KILLING ME! Someone hit a shot, please! Cavs by 1, 11 seconds left, timeout Wiz. I gotta imagine Caron Butler taking the shot.

The Seaward, 8:42 pm: I can sit here and say Butler traveled on that one, but that was just awful defense by the Cavaliers. 3 seconds left, Wizards by 1, timeout Cavs. I’m getting too old for this.

The Seaward, 8:44 pm: Wizards win. I’m sorry, but make a goddamned call, refs! Songaila is in serious movement when contact is created. THAT IS BLOCKING. MAKE A CALL. I’m not kidding, David Stern really needs to clean up this officiating. It’s a goddamn disgrace. The whole fourth quarter was an abortion of refereeing. I am very upset right now.


Final thoughts… the Cavs really let Boston off the hook tonight by not winning. A real must-win and they play some of their worst basketball at the worst possible times against, frankly, a BAD Wizards team. Now they’re playing in Washington on Friday. If you’re up 5 with just over a minute left, you absolutely must win, and they didn’t. It’s very upsetting. That said, the non-call by the referees was absolutely outrageous. Just because it’s the last play of a game doesn’t mean it’s not a foul. Look at the tape, Songaila is turning as contact occurs. Check the rulebook, that is contact that gains an advantage, a call must be made. The referees failed colossally in their most modest charge. It is a real indictment on the league that officiating becomes the story so often that sports book websites have sheets on every single referee to show which ones tend to favor a road or home team. As a fan, I feel cheated by the final 3 seconds of that game.

Make a call. It’s your job.


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