DeShawn Offended By Damon?

So you may have heard about the little rap ditty that Jay-Z put together about Deshawn Stevenson which was released at a DC-area nightclub on Friday night. You may have also heard that De-yawn was simultaneously flattered that a modern rap icon would take the time to blast him lyrically and annoyed that Damon Jones would hop into the fray by grabbing the mic and piling onto the embattled journeyman guard. “For Damon Jones to get on the mic, and I heard he was saying foul stuff about me and stuff like that. They’re taking it beyond basketball to me,” said Stevenson. A couple of thoughts:

1- This is mostly asked and answered, De-yawn, buuut… are ya retarded? You made it about more than basketball in March. I believe they refer to this as “reaping what you sow.”

2- What are you so upset about when it comes to High-Five Engineer Damon Jones insulting you? You don’t think he measures up? Think again, douchebag… here’s a quick list of things DJ has accomplished that you haven’t:

  • Hit a playoff-series-winning shot
  • Played in the second round of the playoffs
  • Won a conference championship
  • Not been a big enough IDIOT to wake up one of the two best players in the NBA (Sorry, Chris Paul, you’re still not in THAT discussion)

…sooo, maybe you should be more honored to be dissed by Jones, too, since he has a bit more of a distinguished postseason resume than you (or pretty much anyone else among your other Wizards teammates).

Christ, at this point De-yawn should be honored to catch an insult from Kwame Brown. The staggering hit his rep has taken over the past 3 weeks should make him grateful to be mentioned by Michael Olowokandi or Jonathan Bender.

Tomorrow we’ll examine the 4th quarter thought processes of Lebron James and Gilbert Arenas.


4 Responses

  1. Damon Jones = Professional Sidekick…..

  2. I never knew Damon Jones was an angry pitiful Cleavelander with a blog.

  3. Sorry that we cannot all write snappy one-liners like you, Kyle. Anyway, if you bothered to look at the sidebar here, we have both of our pictures published and, sadly, neither of us are Damon Jones. Although I must admit that I really wish I could orchestrate unreal high-five routines like DJ could. Maybe one day. Till then I’ll be an angry pitiful Clevelander with a blog.

  4. deshawn’s just a sad sad dude.

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