Ummm… what?

Cavs beat writer Brian Windhorst is probably the best basketball beat writer in the NBA, and I think many people outside of the Cleveland area would agree with me on that. He once again is doing an amazing job at finding out the details that make this NBA season interesting. For instance, a seventeen year old fan who rushed the court when the Cavs played the Knicks to meet his Idol, Devin Brown. Just kidding, LeBron James:

A source said Anthony Erskine, 17, who ran across the floor and past several guards in a James replica jersey, is about to get even closer to his idol.

Erskine has been in touch with James’ representatives, and there are plans for him to be James’ guest Wednesday when the Cavaliers visit the New Jersey Nets. There might be a private meeting between the two.

”He had something he wanted to say to me and he got it out before they took him away,” James said. ”I respect him and his pride.”

First of all, I think the line “I respect him and his pride” was in the movie Deliverance somewhere. I respect him and his pride? What does that mean? I respect the fact that he has enough courage to burst onto the court (at MSG no less) and approach LeBron, but if more people knew that a little intestinal fortitude is all it took to meet their favorite player, it would be supreme chaos after every sporting event.

Also, he had something he wanted to say? Apparently, it was something LeBron enjoyed hearing, considering that he might be meeting with him tomorrow night in New Jersey.

My question is, where is the line? People scoff at adults that bring mitts to the ballgame, and some athletes refuse to sign autographs for adults. This kid, Erskine, apparently didn’t cross the line with LeBron, and that’s surprising. The fact that he could even get that close to James makes me nervous. Wouldn’t it be just Cleveland’s luck that some sicko New York Knick fan sneaks past the guards and attempts to injure LeBron? Especially after his earth shattering MSG performance?

I need a lot more information on this story, because right now, none of this is adding up. I’m sure Windhorst will be on top of this after the game Thursday night.


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