I used to be in high school. I realize that when you are that age that events in your life seem crucially important to you at that time, but, in the grand scheme of things, they really don’t mean that much. I wish I had a forum to directly tell Terrelle Pryor this fact. This will be as close as I get.

An article today in the Detroit Free Press making it seem like we aren’t really getting anywhere close to the end of this saga. Apparently, the star quarterback of Jeannette High School and the number one college football recruit still has to visit Penn State, Michigan and Ohio State, and the latter two are RETURN trips to those campuses.

I am not a fan of any of the teams that have the wondrous privilege of landing Pryor, so this is a completely unbiased take on his situation. The longer and longer he waits, the more and more pressure will be put on him when he finally does make his decision. Think about the pressure that Jimmy Clausen was under at Notre Dame last season, and he declared to be apart of the Fighting Irish during his junior year in High School. Pryor better be the bee’s knees to make everyone in the country wait this long, or he will be subject to some of the harshest criticism ever leveled at an amateur athlete.

Here’s the thing. This kid is going to Ohio State. Not just because two of his close friends have already declared (you know– on signing day when all kids declare), not because Ohio State is far and away the best team that he has to choose from, but because this is his best fit. If he ends up playing this year, he will not be expected to carry the offense (like he will be in Michigan), and he will have an opportunity to run a variation of the offense that he is used to (unlike at Penn State). It’s the right move for him, but this kid so far has not made the right move, so who knows if he will actually end up choosing the Buckeyes. What he does need to realize is that playing at the Division one level (I refuse to call it “Bowl Subdivision level”) in a conference like the Big Ten is a privilege, not a right. Just ask that poor idiot that faked his own signing at Cal that just wanted to feel like he was good enough to play at that level. Whenever you do decide, you will be held to the same standards as every other athlete that has walked the line at OSU, U of M or PSU. Terrelle, by all accounts you are a fantastic athlete, and you need to start getting people talking about that again, rather than what they are talking about now: the 18 year old kid that can’t decide.


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