Welcome to the Sons of Nev!

Nev Chandler

Hello and welcome to the newest Cleveland sports blog on the interwebs! We are the Sons of Nev, and we hope you enjoy our musings on the world of Cleveland sports. We will occasionally digress to the outside world of sports (I know JTBI is just dying to write about Sam Cassell), but our focus will primarily be the Browns, Indians and Cavaliers. And, as cynical MSM (mainstream media) members who have both worked in the seedy underbelly of Cleveland’s fringe media, expect us to occasionally take pokes at the North Coast media that we take notice of from our lofty, bloggy perches.

For a little more information on us, please click the “About” tab above the Warholian tribute to our patron saint.

Finally, If you are a Cleveland sports fan and don’t understand the title of this blog, please leave and never come back.


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