Of Milk-Dud-Noggins and Timeouts


Mike Brown… seriously. What the hell, man?

Back in 2006 when you had no clue when to call your timeouts, it was kind of like a puppy dog who didn’t know it was bad to pee on the carpet. You didn’t really know any better and the novelty of your getting the Cavs to the playoffs kinda forgave any silly little errors. We were annoyed, sure, but in the end we let it slide because everything was still so new and wonderful.

Now, unfortunately for you, it is 2008… and your clock management is just as mystifying as it was against Detroit in the ’06 Playoffs.

Coach, please remember one of the primary uses of your time outs is to stop the momentum of the opposing team, especially when they’re at home. Please?

I write this because of tonight’s disastrous third quarter in Chicago where Da Bullss ran off a 17-0 run; a run whose momentum was not checked–on the road!!–by a time out until it had expanded to 15-0. In that time span, Larry frigging Hughes hit two threes. Larry Hughes! And yet Mike Brown sat on his thumbs and expected his horrendous lineup (again with this Varejao and Wallace on the floor together horsecrap, Coach??) to somehow stop the bleeding. This, of course, all in addition to the fact that LeBron was a little dinged after a high-speed collision with Kirk Hinrich at center court early in the third.

Literally every single one of these problems could’ve been solved by Mike Brown placing his right hand perpendicular to his left in the general direction of a referee. Can someone please, please, please tell Brown that it’s OK to burn one of his precious TO’s to stop a run? Especially a run on the road?

I may not know tons about basketball, but holy crap, it doesn’t seem extraordinarily difficult to figure out.

Call the damn timeout, Mike!


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